The Kindly Brontosaurus Always Gets His Way


In these trying times, we think we all could use some tips on how to get what you need without getting riled – or making other people riled. Jessica Winter, writing for Slate a few years ago, coined a term that’s unforgettable. Her post, titled The Kindly Brontosaurus: The amazing, prehistoric posture that will get […]

4 Tips for Taking a Great LinkedIn Photo

Finding the right LinkedIn photo shouldn’t be stressful. Here are four tips for finding (and taking) the right photo for your LinkedIn profile. 1. Make It Recent So much can change in just a few months (hint: 2020). So why wait years to update your profile photo? If you met a potential business partner or […]

We Miss Your Smile

Protective masks may be with us for a while as people try to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The good news is that masks do help us slow the spread of the virus to vulnerable populations. The bad news is they can be a pain to wear. In addition to being hot, making our voices […]

The cost of a bad hire? More than you think.

It’s much easier to track the impact of the stars you hire. New business, happy customers, improved teamwork, more revenue. When you make a good hiring decision, everything gets a little better. But the hires that don’t work out are costly. How costly, no one really knows, because their impact on your business stays off […]

Up your Virtual Interview Game

The pandemic changed the way companies do business, both before and after you’re hired. Ninety percent of companies report they’ve switched to virtual interviews, and most will probably keep them as part of their process. Here’s how to make sure you pass your screen test. Choose your space for your virtual interview carefully. Check that […]

Returning to the Office? 4 Essential Steps to Reopening Your Office Doors

After two months of working from home, many companies are beginning to plan for employees’ return back to work. Notice we didn’t say “returning to normal operations,” because that may be a different concept altogether. Here is some advice for management as you get ready to reassemble your team. Communicate clearly and often. We learned […]

A Message of Solidarity

Reflecting on the tragic events of this past week, and the countless injustices that precede them, our guiding principles take on new meaning. At CSI, we are committed to taking responsibility for our actions, contributing to the wellbeing of our community, and promoting businesses that contribute positively to society. Now more than ever, we must […]

Is This The End of the In-Person Interview?

During this pandemic shutdown, we’ve seen the rise of virtual services. Companies that never thought they’d be able to manage a remote workforce suddenly found a way. Restaurants and retailers who weren’t set up for online orders and delivery made the transition within days. Doctors embraced telemedicine overnight. Good. Now it’s time to overhaul the way we hire talent, starting with the in-person interview.  The Pros […]

Investing in You During Down Time

Even if you’re working from home, you probably have lots more free time on your hands. No commute, no socializing, no appointments, no clue what to do with all those extra minutes. You may be focused on just surviving this time, but what if you could actually be thriving? Remember all those things you were […]

Battling Anxiety During Isolation

Was it just February when our lives were so complicated and so normal? Rush, rush, rush, grumbling all the way about how busy we were, how stressed we were? We didn’t know the first thing about stress. Suddenly, we’re stuck at home, working remotely, which we always thought would be awesome. But whatever this is, […]