How to Take Constructive Criticism Well

Most of us cringe when we hear someone say, “Can I offer you some constructive criticism?” We’re pretty sure nothing good follows the offer. Criticism has become a word that feels loaded with negative connotations, implying disapproval of faults, although criticism means analysis in art. If you can manage your reaction to criticism, you’ll be […]

Don’t Make assumptions about generations

We all know the stereotypes by heart. The Gen Z “snowflakes” who grew up expecting participation trophies. The Boomers who have one foot out the door and think they know everything (except how to deal with new technology; they call in their grandkids for that.) By 2025, Millennials are projected to account for 75 percent […]

You are Not Your Slide Deck: Rethinking Presentations

This is the year we’re rethinking almost everything about work, so it might be time to rethink how we define the term “presentation” as well. PowerPoint was invented in 1987 and acquired by Microsoft three months later. It’s been plaguing meetings ever since. So we’ve resigned ourselves to long, not-very-helpful slide decks longer than some […]

Why You Should Keep a Success Journal

Self-help author Robert Collier wrote, “Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.”  Taking charge of your career means making a persuasive case for your promotability. Tracking your successes gives you information you can pull for performance reviews, to update accomplishments on our resume, and to prepare for interviews […]

C-Suite Communication is Different

Congratulations – your project is on time, under budget, and suddenly high profile. In fact, you’ve been invited to present in front of the board. Are you ready? By ready, we mean more than having all the data at your fingertips. Of course, you know your stuff. But is your communication style ready for the […]

Thank Different

(Apologies to the late Steve Jobs and Apple for appropriating their motto.) Every manager knows that appreciation is a significant part of your duty to your team. Letting them know you see and value their contributions is not only the right thing to do, it’s critical to their success – and yours. But most people […]

Overcoming Resistance

Resistance is having a moment, it seems. After a year that felt completely out of control, many of us are trying our best to regain control. As we return to the workplace and get back to in-person interactions, resistance can start or prolong conflict unnecessarily. Here are some ways to break through resistance – yours […]

How Long Does it Really Take to Get Hired?

It’s Official: Engineers are… Precise LinkedIn has been around since 2010, and it’s using its millions of profile data points for some fascinating research. In a new study from LinkedIn sheds some light on how long it takes to get hired. Researchers from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team analyzed the profiles of 400,000 confirmed hires on their platform between […]

Inclusive Recruiting

October is Disability Awareness Month, and it’s a good time for a refresher on inclusive recruiting and hiring practices. In a labor market that’s becoming more and more challenging, recruiters can’t afford to overlook any part of the talent pool. But the large number of candidates with disabilities has historically been underemployed, even in a […]

Desk Yoga

And now for something completely different: exercises that will help you relieve your desk-weary back, shoulders and neck. Many of us spend hours at our workstations and often forget to take a break. Science tells us that we should take a 5-minute break every hour, and there are plenty of apps that offer to remind […]