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Since 1994, we’ve helped companies like yours find highly qualified candidates across a number of industries. Through our four specialty divisions, we provide award-winning staffing solutions all across the U.S. Our highly skilled recruiters can connect you to the right talent at the right time.

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Four Specialty Divisions. One CSI.

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Why work with CSI?

Each year, we spend more than $1M on training and resources for our recruiting team. We believe in investing in our people – and we make sure they have the best resources and tools available in the industry. Our team of more than 60 highly skilled recruiters are experts in their craft. They have access to a wealth of support staff to ensure every step of our clients’ recruiting process is taken care of. Together, we have the industry expertise to represent clients like you in a competitive marketplace.  

We utilize trusted platforms like Indeed, Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, and ZipRecruiter to attract top talent. Every CSI recruiter holds a LinkedIn Recruiter license, allowing them access to some of the best around, even if they’re not actively searching for jobs. Our robust referral program helps us find highly qualified candidates through our current consultants with our dedicated marketing team, we can deliver national and local recruiting campaigns, reaching the right candidates at the right time and the right place. 

Aside from traditional recruiting, we have invested in artificial intelligence to help us find the best-qualified matches for our clients’ specific needs quickly. Our recruiters conduct in-person interviews in local markets. And for non-local markets, we use programs like Skype and SparkHire. To vet and pre-qualify candidates, we offer IKM Assessments that accurately measure candidate skillsets in a variety of fields such as Accounting, Safety, Customer Service, General Clerical, and Software Testing.

For each of our four divisions, we have at least two onboarders who focus solely on getting your candidates properly onboarded and serve as an extension of your HR team. As soon as an offer is extended, your onboarder will immediately arrange the offer letter and new hire paperwork for completion. They will call the candidate, walk them through the employment packet step by step, review background and drug screening forms, and answer any outstanding questions. And once the candidate has been cleared to start, your onboarder will immediately notify your account manager.  We’re committed to simplifying and expediting the way we do our business. Our entire onboarding and time-keeping process can be easily done on a mobile device.  

We take on the heavy lifting of finding the candidate, ensuring they are the right fit, and completing all necessary steps to get them started at your organization right away. And rest assured, we use Key Performance Indicators to keep us on track to meeting your goals.  To limit turnover, ensure continuity, and retain key resources, our team proactively establishes KPIs and track in real time to recognize issues as they arise.  These KPIs include attrition, responsiveness, delivery metrics, contractor satisfaction surveys, proactive communication checkpoints, contract compliance, consultant performance/tenure incentives and other customizable criteria.  We also do a lot of work up front to blend our 26 years of evolving best practices with our client’s goals and preferences.  As a result of this, we build unique and successful partnerships.     

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