Doing What You Love Matters

If you found your dream job on the first go around, you should probably play the lottery. On average, American workers hold 12 different jobs throughout their lifetime. This number grows as workers search for a more lucrative salary, better flexibility and benefits, suitability, and most importantly—passion.

Over half of the U.S adults who quit their job in 2021 changed their occupation or field of work, according to an analysis by Pew Research. Some believe the events of recent years, caused by the pandemic, have pushed people to pursue more fulfillment when it comes to working. The increase in work-from-home opportunities has allowed time for reflection and sparked alternative ways to make money, ones that are more aligned with hobbies, interests, and passions.

Not only are people happier when they love their job, but it can also make them more successful. Doing work that’s exciting increases energy and boosts creativity, and vice versa when one is given a task they view negatively.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a Hungarian American psychologist, is responsible for recognizing the concept of “flow”, a positive mental state of being wholly absorbed in your activities, which ultimately increases productivity. Flow has been described as “being in the zone” or entirely focused on the present and what’s going on in front of you. To get into this state, people need to feel that the work they’re doing is of value and appreciated.

“The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile,” he said.

Happiness at work also has a way of bleeding into other aspects of our lives. Feeling accomplished can lead to more confidence, better mental health, stronger relationships, and increased motivation in all life activities. So, if the rewards of enjoying your job are so high, why do most people dread career changes?

No one likes being the new kid. People feel tied to their current job and are comfortable with familiar faces and tasks. Although no one likes starting over, growth does not occur while in the comfort zone. Another common phrase you might hear is, “I’m too old, no one will hire me.” Wisdom often comes with experience and time. Successful employers will see value in an age-diverse workforce, for it can widen target audiences and offer a variety of perspectives. People have also stayed in their job because they don’t know what they’d rather do. Many people feel a sense of guilt for changing career paths, and don’t feel they are passionate enough about another industry to make the switch.

CSI Companies has over three decades of experience in matching talent across the country to more suitable work positions, both internally and externally. From entry-level admin jobs to coding professionals, CSI simplifies the hiring process and sets candidates up for success. 

“I never knew I was going to be a recruiter, I actually graduated with a degree in biology,” said Justin Dato who has been a recruiter at CSI for three years. “I now feel myself constantly learning and growing.”

Every workday is not going to be perfect, but when the average person will spend about 1/3 of their life working, it’s important to make it count! If you’re part of the large percentage of people actively looking for a career change, look no further. Click and explore CSI’s nationwide job listings.


Work hard. Play Hard. 

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This website collects data, including information provided by you and information we collected using cookies. By continuing to use our website, you consent to our privacy policy