When CCI Meets CSI

When CCI Meets CSI

When CCI Meets CSI

When opportunities arise to learn from the best, you don’t let them slip away. On this Not Your Average Co. episode, Host Eva was joined by CSI’s coding and clinical integrity experts Michelle Wieczorek, Valentina Gallegos, and Marilee Klock. Together, they delve into the healthcare industry’s pressing challenges and the unique solutions CSI Companies provides.

The conversation begins with Michelle, Senior Vice President of Coding and Clinical Integrity, emphasizing the value CSI’s solutions bring. Drawing upon CSI’s extensive experience in implementing and delivering new programs, Michelle highlights the credibility that comes from having firsthand knowledge.

With a profound understanding of the challenges faced by their clients, CSI is uniquely positioned to guide and support them through changing environments. Michelle also underscores the importance of CSI’s expansive staffing reach, highlighting how a robust network of skilled coders is indispensable in the swiftly evolving landscape of healthcare.

Why CSI Works

The Vice President of Risk Adjustment and Professional Coding, Marilee, goes on to share a real-life example of her expertise in action, where she successfully set up a coding and clinical documentation improvement program within an integrated healthcare system. This initiative resulted in the identification of appropriate risk adjustment factors, improved patient care management, and enhanced compliance.

Her work enabled targeted and effective care delivery by accurately assessing patient health risks. Marilee’s focus on compliance ensured adherence to industry standards, enhancing patient safety and mitigating legal and financial risks. Her experience exemplifies how coding and clinical documentation improvement can bring transformative changes to healthcare systems, positively impacting patients and healthcare professionals.

CSI’s Solution

The grand finale of the discussion was the introduction of CSI’s solution – the Risk Adjustment Coding Training Academy (RACTA), presented by Valentina, Director of Risk Adjustment and Professional Coding. RACTA is an all-encompassing program that caters to a broad spectrum of learners, including high school graduates seeking to jumpstart their careers and second-career candidates who aspire to work remotely, such as Registered Nurses and teachers.

This immersive program offers both didactic and hands-on learning experiences, working towards closing opportunity gaps in the healthcare industry. The successful completion of RACTA leads to a certified risk coder credential, teaching graduates CSI-based risk adjustment coding competencies. RACTA embodies CSI Companies’ unwavering commitment to inclusivity, skill development, and career advancement in the healthcare sector, empowering individuals to thrive in the challenging field of risk adjustment coding.

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