CSI Connect 1-Year Anniversary

CSI Connect Celebrates 1-Year Milestone of Empowering Tomorrow's Technology Leaders Through Internship Program

Jacksonville, FL 07/27/2023 – CSI Connect proudly commemorates the one-year anniversary of its internship program, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s commitment to fostering the growth and development of aspiring technology professionals. Over the past year, thirty exceptional individuals have successfully completed the comprehensive technology intern education program, positioned to embark on successful careers in the fast-paced world of technology and innovation.

CSI Connect was born out of the global RGF Staffing CEO challenge, which called for innovative solutions to create new business models, close the economic divide, and promote diversity and inclusion. After winning the challenge, CSI Companies launched CSI Connect, an initiative designed to connect underserved children with modern technology and opportunities to build a promising career.
Out of the thirty interns who have taken part in the CSI Connect initiative, four individuals have obtained full-time employment with the IT department at CSI Companies, while five have secured positions in the technology industry, having been offered opportunities to further their technology careers. The remaining participants in the CSI Connect program are currently concluding their college studies, fully equipped to embark in the technology sector upon graduation.
After winning the challenge, RGF Staffing mandated other group companies to establish local programs in their respective areas with a broader global social program that supports underserved people with education, training, and employment opportunities. For Melissa Fulmore-Hardwick, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) who initiated CSI Connect with Chris Flakus, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), it’s a personal project aimed at giving back to the community.

"Success lies not in the accomplishment of CSI Connect alone but in the journey to get here. As we celebrate the launch of our inaugural internship program, I am filled with immense pride and gratitude. To all who joined us on this exciting endeavor, let us rejoice in the moments of growth, learning, and commitment to this program. Together, let us forge ahead, break barriers, and inspire greatness in these young students. This is just the beginning of an extraordinary chapter, and I have no doubt that the future holds unimaginable possibilities for what these interns will do."

"I am so very proud of all the amazing interns we’ve been able to work with this year. I know that our first 30 interns are leaving this program as better professionals and genuinely have become ready to enter the workforce. The first year was great, but we have so much more work to do in our community!"

CSI Connect Interns Celebrating 1-Year
About CSI Connect:
CSI Connect is aimed at providing equal opportunities for students in areas that need more exposure to technology. The program works in partnership with high schools and local colleges. With CSI Connect, CSI Companies offers students the chance to intern, provided they meet specific school performance requirements. It also seeks to make the tech sector more visible to underserved children. CSI Tech Lab, situated in Andrew Jackson High School, is an initiative designed to give students a close-up view of technology daily.
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